My Motherboard! ! ! !

The screen goes black
like a never ending hole
uh-oh there goes my life
what do I do
I jump in my metallic green car
and now I am on the road

Its 4: 35 am
but lucky Best Buy
is open
it's WELCOME lights
shining in streaks of yellow and blue

I give my computer
to the 'Geek Squad'
who tell me two days later
'It's your motherboard! Do you have any backups? '
And of course
I anwser no
Therefore my whole life is gone
dissapeared in the sky

A week goes by
And I have a new computer
but I never trust just my motherboard
I have my flash drive
I learned a lesson
But I have just one question
Do you want fries with that?

by Sydne Morris

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nice simile: ''The screen goes black like a never ending hole'' nice narrative poem, lovely to read..10