My Motorbike

I once owned a Bantam
It wasn’t a chook.
Now you cannot see one,
Except in a book.

Well maybe the odd one,
In someone’s backyard.
It took me and shook me
And churned my gizzard.

I bought her in Moe
And had lots of fun.
She showed me new places
When out on the run.

Once when I pushed her
And asked her to go.
she just gave a cough,
And answered me “no”

So that’s when I stopped
And had a good think,
Perhaps My old bantam
Is needing a drink.

I gave her a gallon
Perhaps maybe two.
I don’t want to flood her
That never would do.

I then put her cap on
And asked her to go,
Then once again, coughing
She answered me “no.”

I then wheeled her round
Down into a park,
While asking of her
May I check your spark?

And 'though not a word
Was said to my plea
I checked out her spark
While down on my knee.

Then when I stood up,
I kicked her again
She said to me softly,
It’s starting to rain

Climb up on my back
You silly old gnome
‘Cause now it is time
To take you back home
So I climbed aboard
As pleased as you like
Then flew down the road
On my motorbike.

by George Savige

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