My Mouth Hovers Across Your Breasts

My mouth hovers across your breasts
in the short grey winter afternoon
in this bed we are delicate
and touch so hot with joy we amaze ourselves
tough and delicate we play rings
around each other our daytime candle burns
with its peculiar light and if the snow
begins to fall outside filling the branches
and if the night falls without announcement
there are the pleasures of winter
sudden, wild and delicate your fingers
exact my tongue exact at the same moment
stopping to laugh at a joke
my love hot on your scent on the cusp of winter

by Adrienne Rich

Comments (3)

I r8 h8 ahdriemhe reech's poems cos they are all laik abouf lesbianisms. And I ain't no lesbianism.... You shlags
Steamy! Erotic and sensual. Very nice!
Adrienne Rich is one of my favorite poets. I admire her for many things, not just her poetry. I find her poetry of the late 60's and early 70's to be full of power and presence, wonderfully wrought, and revolutionary in words and grammar manipulations. I was a convert to her work very early. I loved her flair for the revolution of her soul in words, her wonderful words. I didn't like this poem; too simple-and besides I think the sort of confessional poetry that calls for overt self exposure in intimate areas is unnecessary and ultimately vain. Wow, a love-making session. Not interested. Hackneyed. CBS