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My Muse
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My Muse

They say that every man is given a muse
To inspire and to inspirit the road he'll choose,
Together they'll walk in the same worn shoes
Pain and suffering, many times will be the artist's dues.
For the muse of my art I could not ever agree
But, then she arrived and she found me
I was the proverbial cat that was trapped in the tree
She then opened my mind, and then I was free.
My soul and my thoughts she did ignite
My feelings and my desires she then did incite,
In time of suffering most men just head for the light
Where I instead, just decided to write.
A muse is the goddess presiding over an art
She inspires the very soul and inflames the heart,
To know of a muse, man will immediately know it
Especially when she inspires, her poet.

Randy L. McClave

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