My Muse Is My Niche

I have never been that amused,
To question the purpose of my fingers.
Or stopped to focus on my toes.
I have two eyes and ears kept open wide.
And a mouth I keep closed.
I do 'try',
To learn more than I know...
To enliven dull conversations.

I've been determined to keep my interests intact.
There was no one who suggested,
I should or shouldn't do 'this' or 'that'.
Or hovered over my back with heated breath.
In fact...
A few who thought of me stubbornly confused,
Made attempts to guide me offtrack.
But my muse is my niche not to preach but produce.
And provides me the satisfaction I need that seduces.

'Does that muse you niche reaches to teach? '

Does a peach with fuzz buzz or just cusses just to fuss?

'What? '

What is the purpose of your statement?
To bait debate?
Or fuse with a fool you believe me to be?
My muse is my niche and I perceive it as unique.

'My feet are on the pavement.
And from you I am going to leave.'

That's satisfaction guaranteed if you ask me.

'Who asked you?
Stick your muse up your 'unique' niche.'

Consider it done.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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