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My Music
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My Music

I wish that I could play music
But, I can't even sing a song;
And every time that I try to play a guitar,
Or sing, I always do it all wrong.
I so, love listening to music
It puts my soul and my mind at ease
It helps me to relax on those tense days,
As music enters my soul like a breeze.
I must say that I love music to no end
It must go with me wherever I might go,
In my thoughts or with myself humming
And it’s always on my radio.
Always after listening to a favorite song
It’s melody in my brain will remain
I will tap my feet or snap my fingers or even whistle,
Even though the song is finished, it still will entertain.
I cannot explain what is music
I don’t know the difference between a note or a clef,
How I wish that I was a creator of songs;
But, I can’t sing, and I believe that I am tone-deaf.
When a child is born it cries,
Then the mother’s song of love is sung;
I believe that when I entered into this world,
My life and love of music had just begun.

Randy L. McClave

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