My Myles Has Gone Away

My Myles has gone away, away.
My Myles has gone away
And left me cold and desolate
On this bare and clammy quay.

His ship is sailing far, so far.
His ship is sailing far
And shan’t return for many months.
For Myles has gone to war.

Here I stand alone, alone.
Here I stand alone.
And wave to the barren sea
My heart as cold as stone.

Before me stretch the years, long years.
Before me stretch the years.
Rain spatters the gray old quay
And mingles with my tears.

When shall my Myles return, return?
When shall my Myles return?
Am I doomed to wait forever?
How long must my heart yearn?

Dear Myles, don’t delay, delay!
Dear Myles, don’t delay!
Come home to me, my roving love,
To this bare and clammy quay.

by Sophia White

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