My Myles Has Returned

My Myles has returned, returned.
My Myles has returned.
His ship is sliding up to the dock.
So long my heart has yearned!

He on the ship appears, appears.
He on the ship appears.
I stand with arms spread loving wide
My face damp with joyful tears.

My Myles comes to me, to me.
My Myles comes to me.
His skin is tanned and weatherworn
With the sun and salt of the sea.

I press him to my heart, my heart.
I press him to my heart,
And vow that never in a thousand years
Will we ever once more part.

But oh! My Myles is sad, so sad.
Oh, my Myles is sad.
The tolls of war are on his face,
They’ve scarred my lovely lad.

My Myles had been to war, to war,
My Myles has been to war.
And now I see the man I loved
And cherished is no more.

His sword is stained with blood, red blood,
His sword is stained with blood,
His face is dark with horrid death –
The face that was so good!

My Myles is not the same, the same.
My Myles is not the same.
I cry with tears bittersweet
And whisper my Myles’ name.

by Sophia White

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