My Naked Body

I lay here with my true nakedness bearing for the
entire world to see, a faceless woman in a man’s
world searching for the true mean of free.

My naked body is on display, laid out like a
dish to be served, eaten like a sweet peach ripped
from the warm sun that has cover the whole layer.

My naked body is an image of what this world has
made neither me a mere figure without a face,
a name nor emotion just a nakedness uncovered
to this world like a new baby fresh from her
mothers wound.

My naked body has been desired from a far, gazed
at through the windows of our shame, pictured like
a perfect frame but still has not been embraced
like the gently flower it is.

Bloomed from the
field of love this naked body of mine that has bared kings and Queens from ocean wide as I lay with naked feels of I am, and who I can be?
I am your mother, your sister, and your true love, I am that woman and my entire imperfectness has made me who I am.

My nakedness no longer holds me; I am no longer bound with shame for I am a faceless woman in this man world hated, desired, loved and adored.

The nakedness of my soul shines like a diamond in the mountain untouched by human hands; this is my true naked body for the world to see love me or hate me but this is me.

by Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

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Beautiful write with bitterness and satire and feminist touch as well. Last two lines uplift the whole poem and soul supersedes the body......10.