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My Name

I do not love my name,
Oh what a shame.
Brook is my name,
It doesn't show my pain.

Keiromi Nozomu is better,
It's fitting for my reign.
It's how I sign every letter,
It's how I'll acheive fame.

I hide many a secret,
Behind my smile-veiled eyes.
I hide many a secret,
I tell so many lies.

I have so many faces,
For all different cases.
The only place where I can be me,
Is on paper, my soul flying free.

The person on paper isn't shy,
And the person on paper can cry.
That is the better me,
Though not the outer me.

So where do I go from here?
Do I change the clothes I wear?
Do I let my emotions show?
Should I ever let others know?

I think I'll just keep my name,
Brook as an outer name.
Keiromi stays locked within,
Behind a carefree grin.

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