Yesterday...I Was With You

I am sorry
Deeply from my heart
Do you know today? my dear
I broke your favorite cup...(don't be angry)
When i prepared tea for two
Just i want like to have something
Sipping tea under the full moon like we had yesterday
However today all my fingers got only blood
Cut by the broken glasses
But they are so kind to me
Not enough for me to feel the pain
Not much compared what shattered in my broken heart
Perhaps it consumes all of me, all my strength

Living with your shadow
You are not here today
Glad I still can see your smile
Only by the picture that's how I could now
I know, i must know
That i will never listen to your laughing again
But forever i will remember our last laugh
When i was with you

Do you know my dear?
I never thought it was today
'Why all of sudden you quiet' I said
Maybe you are in better place with Him now
Just yesterday we here and now you gone
Tell me how far it from here
Will you wait for me then
Will you?

I always be missing you forever now
To remember again, i am broken more
Because just yesterday
I was with you
But no more again
Today nor tomorrow

How can I live my day tomorrow
When I cant escape from beautiful yesterday
Yesterday, when i was with you
And today i cant never have it
Never again...

If yesterday never went away
Sure I am here, here still with you
Looking the full moon
But yesterday has died so all of us will soon
But I know someday
Somewhere in a new place
We'll meet again...
Like yesterday
When i was with you

Like yesterday my dear
When i was with you...

by Unwritten Soul

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My name is Ebola with psychological make up where truth is reverting. So feel free to believe that this is very nice magical long poem. Excellent work with awareness. Nice on sharing on desk.