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My Name Is Jace
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

My Name Is Jace

I looked upon his saddened face
Held together with dreams and grace,
No father figure to stand there with
Was needing or wanting a father, just a myth.
"Hello" he said, "My name is Jace".

Raised by a single female parent
Fatherhood for some men is not inherent,
But, there is his sister and also his mother
How he wished for a father, or even a brother.
Need in his his eyes, is quite apparent.

He walks alone at a quicker pace
As though he is in a trophy race,
His grandmother takes him both here and there
But, for a father he wishes only to care.
"Hello", he said, "My name is Jace".

I so pity that youthful lad
For not knowing or feeling what I once had,
A male who would always happily teach
One who was there proudly, within my reach.
But, he never was wanted by his dad.

One day there will be no more chase
No more need for a kiss, or one to embrace,
He'll meet the man to which he was denied
The father for which he had many times cried,
Unto him he'll say, "Hello, my name is Jace".

Randy L. McClave

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