MAB ( / Sydney)

My Neighbor Has A Blower Vac.

My neighbor has a new blower/vac
He blows his leaves, I rake them back
A new high tech tool, and yet
My rake works well in dry or wet
We share a small green patch of lawn
Where bindi eye and paspalum spawn.

He pays a man to groom his grass
Returning then when two weeks pass
His mighty mower chops and spews
Delivering order and better views

A rake he never has held in hand
A tool so simple you understand
He prefers a blower, the motor kind
His grass to my side he leaves behind.

Was there ever such a devilish tool
Turning a grown man into a fool
With smoke and smell and noise so loud
He aims his vac and looks so proud.

I prefer a real tool, not some fake
Offered a choice if I must make
Then for my preference I will take
A good old fashioned garden rake.

When leaves are wet, now that's a test
You can try a blower, but my rake works best!

MB 7/1/2011

by Michael A Berriman

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