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My Nephew
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

My Nephew

My nephew has moved in with me now
So, I had to go out and buy a cow,
Just because he drinks gallons of milk at one time
And I don't even get a penny, or nickel, or dime.

My dog will run and hide from him in fear
Whenever she hears his grumbling she knows that he's near,
For him she will not ever sit or heel
She's afraid that he will eat her very next meal.

My nephew eats in every room of my house
He his worse than any ravaging tiny mouse,
Crumbs I will always find either here, or way over there
And now the refrigerator is always bare.

Soon he might eat me out of my very own castle
But, he doesn't see the worry or problem or the hassle,
I know that this sounds odd and really bizarre
But, he truly thinks that my kitchen is his personal buffet bar.

He always asks me when I am going to the grocery store
I tell him that this week, no more,
Then the last piece of ham in my house he did carve
Then while walking away he states, that he is going to starve.

When there is cold food on the table and he see's it there
He eats it without warming it, or giving a thankful prayer,
I know that one day away from me he will happily roam
But, first he's going to eat me out of my house and home.

Randy L. McClave

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