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My Nephew's Pill
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

My Nephew's Pill

My nephew wanted to give me a pill
Even though I am not Ill,
He said this pill a vitamin would make me stronger
And if I keep taking them, I will live longer;
But, if I take too many, then they would kill.

He said he could always get me a refill
That is of course when I have taken my fill,
I thanked him for caring and worrying about my health
He said taking care of his family, is his greatest wealth;
Then he shook my hand, and he presented me a bill

On the ground his vitamins I accidentally did spill
My dog then got excited because of the thrill
She sniffed the vitamins, then all of them she ate
She sealed my destiny and sadly her own fate
I now am taking my nephew’s name out of my will

Someday I will be buried on top of a hill
That is the fact and that is what is real
I might live a little longer and healthier because of a vitamin
But, when we die, no-one will really know why or when
So, down the toilet I flushed that little pill.

Randy L. McClave

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