My Nephews

The youngest one, he calls me "daddy"
But that's okay because I'm also called "catty"
He kisses with his tongue, right on the lips
And when he climbs the couch he uses his hips
He loves his tea, but not Kool-Aid
And he always gets milk when he's laid
Down to sleep in his crib
When he eats he don't need no bib
This boy can eat all the day long
And where he puts it, is where it belongs

The oldest one is kind of small
But he sure packs a wallop, and that's not all
He likes the movie Cars, likes it a lot
So much that I feel like it will blot
Out all the other movies that I have seen
And when he's behind you, you've got to be keen
Because that boy will clock you upside the head
Hurt you so bad you'll have to lay in bed
I got to admit he isn't all that bad
When he's watching a movie he's pretty rad

Now the one in the middle, let's not forget him
This boy will cuddle, just on a whim
He's sweet as milk with chocolate powder
And I wouldn't try to feed him my corn chowder
He loves this huge mouse, his name is Mickey
He sings on the TV and teaches us stuff
This boy can play cards, he knows how to bluff
If you ask him to stop, he'll stand in place
If you ask him to go you'll get a race
He sure is fun to be around
He's never lost, he's always found

Those are my nephews, all three
They all mean so much to me
I'll be there uncle till the end of forever
And always be there, to fail them never

by James Anthony Creamer

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