DG (2/27/94 / mexico)

My New Best Friend

Today I met a great new friend,
who knew me right away,
it was funny how she understood,
all I had to say.

She listened to mu problems,
she listened ro my dreams.
we talked about love and life,
she'd been there too, it seems.

I never once felt judged by her,
she knew how I felt,
she seemed to accept me,
& all the problems I been dealt.

She didn't interrupt me,
or need to have her say.
She listened very patiently
& didn't go away.

I wanted her to understand
how much this meant to me,
but as I went to hug her,
something startled me.

I put my arms in front of me
& went to pull her near
& realized that my new best friend,
was nothing but a mirror.

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Robert Frost

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