Goodbye Doesnt Mean Goodbye Forever

I can't say what im feeling
i just can't seem to talk
you're really leaving? -time is ticking
time is running right out of the clock

I've never felt this way before
please don't make me lose you now
i've never been able to tell you the words
so ill do the best i know how

I'm happy inside when you're around
when you're not i sit and sigh
but if you leave me forever and ever
i'll even start to cry

the feeling inside me
when you hold my hand
is just like the feeling i get
when my toes are in the sand

when im mad sad or lonely
and my mind goes into space
all i do-is think of you
and a smile comes across my face

this time ill try to keep my heart
this time i will not fall apart

I can make it you know, you know i can
just think of what we could've been

so happy together you know its true
don't worry, this isn't the end some day i will find you

maybe tonight ill be able to sleep
the feeling won't be so bad and it won't hurt so deep

someday we will meet again
just never ever forget me, my friend

it does'nt matter if you go
across the country, or state, or whatever
just promise me, that you agree
that goodbye does't mean goodbye forever

by danielle jackson

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