AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

My New Bride.

A new book bought to my hands,
Likes a bride married a man.
It helps to understand the poetry clans,
It might leads me go forth to my plan.

The characters inside are golden words,
It seems a good book found its friend.
This book is my dream on way forward,
It's one of my lovely book valued to spend.

Oh, my dear, tell me how to learn,
A Chinese man like me knows not much.
Poetry life leads me enjoy much in terms,
Read it carefully with my soul in touch.

My heart is captivated by its contents,
All were written by Poet, Emily Dickinson.
It is a book of poetry created by its name,
Read it as warm as bathing under the sun.

How you lead me to understand human life
Many poems were collected from her friends
It represents her great love has been passionate
My thought attracted to the nature of her world

Love in her heart was so deeply felt
Once to read into her captivated affairs
Her immortal love were written so well
Her love was so natural to-wards you and I.

Every body won’t deny she was a good poet
Although she died over fully a century
She had left golden poems into many sets
My book is like magic in the Chemistry

The book is thought no more issued
You couldn’t buy it any more after this
So, it is thought will be become valued
Ha my dear little bride I welcome so much.

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