My New Dream

The life as it is today, a trend, a skill, a way of value, but the respect, the accomplishment that takes so long to be developed.
A dream, a long exaggerating dream, a cause, to the worries that’s divine in trust in love.
Numbers of hope, courage, and distrustful memories that are now going to be over with; Gone.
To the new improve power of written documents that not be for the solo song that I may have created so long ago.
For the unforgettable strive of theses saying that goes right into You.
The new dream, a dream that can tell what will be face for.
What the outcome is to be consents with so outstanding courage, to ask the only person,
“What would to be come, as next to the striving bond that is withheld so many wishes into continuing what is into you.
If that salient attraction thought that I’m just a someone, some person that is understandable, but has no idea what the outcome respect is to occur in the later present.
If my visit is just a habit, worries of cause may go just like that.
No response what so ever, as if I didn’t even know you.
But that may not be forever or not even to be start with.
With the respect of carelessness, he see why not.”
If the dream I withheld may no longer be true.
This sad response to these outstanding queens of life.
And I say no more as if someone was talking to me at this very second that depends on a life time experience but as she said
“This is only the start; there is no room to go back, as you wish so much for a metrical, Now the dream may come true! ”

by James Anderson

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