My New Outlook On Life

I say fock the past
for I can't fix my mistakes
I say screw the future
it will be what it will be
I will try to make each day a good day
that’s funny
I have a lot of work ahead of me
every morning I will try
try to think of something to look forward to
its harder than it sounds
at least it is for me
for I don't really have much to look forward to
I have for only but on person in my life
if it wasn't for him
I would just say fock it all
but I will not
I will try
try to find some of my own happiness
for right now he is my everything
he is the one who has told me to live each days is my last
but there are things I want to do before I have my last day
but I can't do them today
or any day soon
so what should I do about those things
all I can do is hope
hope that one day they will happen
and as for today
I hope it is not my last
but hey I don't worry anymore
not about the past
not about the future
I don't worry now
all because of you

by Scarlet .....

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Such a well written poem.Reality for some I can see at such a heavy cost.