My New Year Resolutions

A day after the first day
Of the new year I am caught
Violating my new year resolutions
In my sleep the dream is thick
And I'm afraid I got it all wrong
I can't believe it
It seems all that I resolved
Not to have been compromised
And they have broken upon my head
Same old fragile habits
Broken at birth!

by Tony Adah

Comments (11)

This is a great poem with strong metaphors. Keep writing. The New year is here.
You summed it up nicely Tony. Great job
Enjoyed reading your poem written simply about broken resolutions which more than not we all beak. Simple and beautiful.
So many of us have a hard time keeping our New Year's resolutions, that many of us don't bother making them anymore. Happy New Year to everyone!
Many others suffering similar habits, of breaking New Year's resolution! Thanks for sharing, happy New Year to you!
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