My Night

You are like the night, but don't be unhappy about me comparing you to the night. The darkness is always more kind than the light which wakes you up with shiny needles. The night covers the tired beings with the cover of slumber. The night let tortured poor souls to put away their heavy smiling masks and silently weep in their beds to let out all the tears in their heavy hearts, until they have to wear the masks on again to face the morning's light. So, do you see my love, you are kind like the night that bring comfort and relief to all the living souls.

Look at the sky of the night with stars talking to me with their shining eyes (just like you) . The copper and white clouds wander around in the deep blue abyss accompanied with the soft cold wind, while moon smiles exactly like you (I'm sure moon copied it from you) . So, do you see my love, you are beautiful like the night, you smile like the moon (rather moon smiles like you) while your eyes shine like stars. So my love, you are the night! !

by tharindra galahena

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