RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

My Nightmare

Shall my nightmare ever end?
Will I awake and pretend, you were a dream and one I want never to have again.
Can I wish away your touch or all the love I once had for you?
Will others fill the roll or replace your shoes?
I go on as if you didn't exsist and that you never have at all.
I hide the hurt and forget the pain and hope the memories fade after all.
This world is a never ending nightmare, were I'm locked with you and these four walls.
How to I ecape?
When will I awake from it all.
You have begun a new life somewhere and never given me a thought,
Should I be happy for you or hate you cause you left me with it all.
To be honest I don't know, nor do I ever exspect to.

I guess in the end, time is what's left of you.

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