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My Niki Hinds

My Niki Hinds

Written by Wilfred Mellers, Friday, August 6,2010, @ 2: 24 PM

These are reasons why the world turns

These are reasons why the fire burns

These are reasons why the Lava churns

These are reasons why I show my concerns

She is the reason why men die

She is the reason why the sun rises in the sky

She is everything good in the world

She is why I need no other girl

No number can reach the amount of love I have for her

No more I stay the eligible bachelor

You are like the infinite universe that no man can comprehend

She is more than a lover, but my best friend

It defies all logic, space, and time

For her love the highest mountain I would climb

If I could time I would rewind

If I can't see her any longer I'd rather be blind

She makes me smile and she makes me laugh

You could never grasp the whole but just the half

In her, I believe and she I will never leave

To gain her trust is all I want to achieve

She is my every dream come true

To slay the beast for her love I'd do

Though sometimes we argue, fuss, and fight

I'll still worship her every day and every night

She is the first and last thing that comes to my mind

She is all the words of affection spelled out combined

For her, I'll write a million rhymes

A love like yours will last several lifetimes

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