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My Ninja Soul
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My Ninja Soul

There’s the ninja dark
In my soul that bounds
Dusty courtyards,
and climbs moon-washed stones
To your fortress window
High amid the stars of midnight.

In your dark and perfumed chamber,
My entry is soundless and mystical,
I float dark in darkness,
And breathe sweetness
That rises from parted lips.

Long has my spririt danced
about the edge of Forever,
lighting ever over tiled roofs
Above the fall through darkness.

Yet now, I am centered
And still beside you,
Seeking in this dark
The softness of your warmth.

And in the morning
Cool with rain and
Cherry blosom sweetness,
Will I be but your dream,
Before the dawning of the light
That trembles briefly and is gone?

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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I enjoyed the read...I gotta couple poems about Ninjas.... If you've never watched Ninja Assassin and you love Ninjas, I suggest you watch it.