ND (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

My Nomadic Dream

How beautiful was she?
with cheap ornaments.
Wandering from place to place
and no fixed residence.
My nomadic lass
in this cycle of birth and death
I was running behind you
but you never make a glance at me.
I was mesmerized by your melancholy song.
My Gypsy gem at least tell me your name
or may I call you 'Haughty'?
Anyway, your face already tattooed in my heart.

Dedication for unknown Scarborough Gypsy &
Maxim Gorky for his short story 'Makar Chudra'

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An amazing piece of writing that allows the love to shine through, well done this is beautiful, Love Duncan
Nimal, I am almost lost for words. This poem is quite beautiful and I am so flattered and touched that you have dedicated it to me. Thank you very much. I will read more of your work tonight. Kindest regards Gypsy