(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

My Obnoxiousness

There is nothing I've done...
You are now discovering,
I had not already known.
With a clarity and understanding.

It was implemented,
With a consciousness involved.
Tested for effect,
And perfected to heighten controversy.
That was a must.
An ingredient involved.

Did you think I would do anything,
Without prior testing?
How do you think I can become this obnoxious?
This is 'my' obnoxiousness,
I wish to sit and settle within your mind!
Do you find it needs to be a little more tweaked?

My dear,
Come here and let me make this clear!
Come sit.
This is no accident or secret kept.
I've spent time doing my best,
To attract your disgust!
And to shake you into a sweat...
That leaves your eyebrows arched.
If they are not,
I get upset.

I want you so sick of me...
Until you are addicted!
And your addiction to my obnoxiousness,
Has got to be the only obnoxiousness you expect...
With a rage you accept and enjoy!
That is my goal I've produced to employ!
Don't tell me now it is 'not' unique.
Don't tell me now your toes don't curl on your feet.
And every hair on your head does not stand on edge?
Until you steam and make this pledge...
'I can't 'stand' what he says! '
I want that as your motto.
I want that in your head!
What more can I say that I have not already said?

Now go...
And bring me more clients!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

I was certain 'My Obnoxiousness' would obtain and gain someone's attention! And isn't that the American way? To gain fame and fortune? No matter how much disrespect induced and injected into the bloodstream of our children. Aren't they just like us? And when discovered, we excuse our behavior in denial. And wish to censor the truth of it! But then commercialize it, in all of its contradictory splendor! To wonder 'why' our disgust is at a fever pitch! With such heat. There is a hypocrisy about all of this! Isn't it? I thank you for validating...'My Obnoxiousness'
An interesting find, but what is life to such a twisted mind, I'm not sure whether you'd look good in jack-boot leather, but I am sure you would feel good.
so, like brian zavala (david chapman?) you were incest raped by your daddy? Sucks to be u! %-D