(August 02,1992 / Davao City)

My Obsession

you are what i'm praying for
for you i'll gladly open the door
in my door, you're welcome
yet you don't come
where it is close
that's what you always choose
been waiting for you to come
while others take a run
been seeking you everywhere
yet you're seeking others out there
i just couldn't come too close
of courage- i need a dose
although i seek for you
i don't want to push you through
coz when i try to
i just couldn't do
someone said that sorrows are sweet
for me, you're the sorrow that i'll love to eat
though others want to spit
so im begging you
please come to me in this moment
hear what i'm saying?
taking me will be a merriment
i've long been ready
so come and take me
don't know what's beyond you
that's why i wanted to.
they say your the end..
some say you're the solution..
but i say...
Death, you are my obsession.

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Comments (5)

Unfortunately, death 💀 has its own way of choosing its victims. A well articulated piece of poetry, nicely penned with insight. Thanks for sharing.
marvelous poem... gives me chills at the end. salamat day. me.
What is that he is waiting for! ! ! ! ! When a beautiful damsel invited with open hands why is he dalaying.............Oh! Reconsider his preferences! ! ! 10
A n inevitable track e veryone will come z ero end is death!
hello kabayan...kong balakera. salamat sa pag imbita. ipadayon ang pagsulat. maayo man imo poem!