My Old Friend

My Old Friend

Well old friend, it's come to this,
As I thought it might someday.
Life is short and often sad
When things turn out this way.

I used to dread this coming day
When I was just a boy.
And wished that it might never come,
The end of all my joy.

And joy it was for me and you,
Wherever we would go.
We always found the time to play
In the sun, the rain, or snow.

I'm sorry if I didn't give
The time to you I should.
So I'll just say I loved you then
The only way I could.

We've grown apart the last few days
As you seemed to be more slow.
I guess I knew, but couldn't say;
How much I loved you so.

I dare not try to say it now,
It seems it just won't do.
And just how much could I explain
And would you wish me to?

No, I think what's done is done
And that's as it should be.
So I'll just lay you to your rest
Beneath this tall oak tree.

There's no one here to say but me
The things that must be said.
And no one's here to catch the tears
That on your fur I shed.

So yes, old friend, it's come to this,
The parting and the tears.
But I shall not forget the love
You gave me through the years.

I know someday I'll pass this way
With others that you knew.
And they shall lay me down to rest,
Right here, right next to you.


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dogs are such marvelous creatures. they are wonderful to have as friends and family. beautiful write.
I was carried to the time when I was a child and when we lost a pet the whole family made a ceremony of it, sincere tears, the service in the garden; we learned early to value life and to treat life with respect, no matter whose it is and what form it takes. Beautifully written GW62.
This is one of the most touching poems I've ever read. It deals with emotions so personal that it is just not appropriate to analyze it. I only say this poem is wonderful.
This is a great poem! Thanks for sharing! Keep writing and please keep me posted :)
Very very moving. You could maintain the mood throughout the poem so beautifully taking the reader into your world of emotions.........Great piece Sir!
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