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My Old Song
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

My Old Song

Poem By Eman Awad

A long long time ago,
when i was young and small.
There was a song i know,
it used to ease my soul.
But one day and suddenly,
i heard that old song playing somewhere.
I cried from the deepest part in me,
while its' words fly through air.
All i cared about back then is to feel safe,
i had nothing to worry my mind.
But now life forces me to be brave,
& to go on i have to leave the dearest behind.
My broken heart or my mixed up head,
i have alot of things to care about.
Should i go on or regret what i've said?
should i let go or have a doubt.
Things change as life isn't the same,
but still it can't take certain things from me.
It won't change who i am and my name,
and it won't change the song that sets me free.
I'll go on,
and i'll always listen to my old song...

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