My One And Only

The perfect smile on your face
Makes me happy whenever I'm weary.
Like the sun breaks through the clouds
Lightens up my life everyday.

You hold my hand so tight
As I'll never get lost when I'm on your side.
In your arms, I'm safe and sound.
As we promised that we'll never be apart.

Two become one as our hearts meet.
Cherishing every sweet kiss from your lips
Feeling the warmth of your body next to mine
As our passion turns into fire.

But above the things that you have shown to me
The tears from your eyes is the most precious and lovely
Because every drop reflects pain and fear
That you do love me and afraid of losing me.

You may not be the best man in this world
But you are still the man that I want to be with.
Because you taught me how to love and be loved
And you will be my one and only.

by Chris Frando

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