My One And Only Love

Poem By Lexi Spencer

My one and only love

Verse 1: I don't wanna cry no more, baby, and I don't wanna get hurt no more
so maybe if you'll let me in your closed door....

Chorus: We'll get closer, than we've ever been before, long lost lovers, in this world millions
o' miles long. We'll be friends forever, always together, your my one and only love...

Verse 2: The only person, I've ever believed in, I knew you loved me, from the day you said
it, you wanted to make sure, I didn't get hurt, your my one and only love!

Chorus 2x

Spanish part: Conseguiremos más cerca, que hemos sido jamás antes, amantes perdidos largos, en este mundo millón de O' millas largas. Seremos
amigos para siempre, siempre junto, su mi único amor...

Your my one, and only looooooooooooove! ! ! !

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