My Only Angel

For only dream, my only angel

there are many birds flying in the sky
many fishes swimming in the sea, and many creeping people surrounding you..

then, you can feel the wind blow in the spring..but you can't see the wonder there
because the room's getting crowder, and too many people there..
they say many things that you don't know, they show many things that hurt you so..
and you get down, fool and fall again..
you don't understand, because everything was fade
sky never snow and sun never shine

then, they're driving you home..and you hope your parents there..
all of your families too..
...but, nobody home
and you know they've go along, so far away..

and you cry in the loneliness..stand there and wait in the silence
wait the right time, wait your angel comes
but, sure it just for a while..
and, you'll never know
until you can feel his breath beside you,
and then you can feel that the time was right,
when his wings carry you..
..through the lonely place

by Nheeza Feehily

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