My Only Daddy

You were my only Daddy
But I called you by your name
For I was your little shadow
And you were my shelter from the rain

I looked up to you with more pride
Than you could ever realize
No other man will ever stand taller
Within a lost little girl’s untrusting eyes

Because if it wasn’t for you
I would have never felt that I belonged
I have always loved you as my Daddy
This is something I think you need to know

So if you think you are not loved by me
You need not think such sadden things
Because when it comes to fatherly love
A loving vision of you is all I have ever seen

I do not take these words for granted
Because you have always meant the world to me
Even though I haven’t really showed you
Deep within my guarded heart

You are the only Daddy I have ever claimed
I Love You

by Katherine Kay Graven

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When I clicked on this one I thought it would come up something like Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy”. But no, you did a much better job. Adeline