To Whom Should We Complain ?

To whom should we complain?
And who listens to our complaints?
Should we complain of our death by humiliation to our lord and master?
And will death bring us back to life?
We are a herd of sheep and the butcher is our shepherd
And we are exiles…walking in our own lands
We carry our coffin for a castle
And express our condolences…from ourselves…to ourselves
Because our lord and master
- May he live for ever - !!!
Saw us as a "middle nation" (Islamic concept of moderation)
So left us without a dunya (world) and without a deen (religion)
Rulers, no, you have not betrayed us
You have not shown yourselves as weak
May our lord reward you
You have turned our lands into our a nightmare for our enemies
You have granted our wishes
And here is Al Aqsa thanking you
For in your condemnations, at times
and in your threats, at other times
You have broken American's nose
So she did not move her embassy
And if she did, God forbid
We would have lost Palestine
This victory is enough for you and enough for us
Our congratulations.

by Ahmed Matar

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