My Only Love

Poem By Davina Vanessa Rivas

His love for her is strong
It burns like the sun
Since his love died
He swore he would never love again
There was only one love for him
And it was no one but her
Her voice was beautiful
When she sang birds would sing along
Her heart was as big as the earth
She loved everything there was about life
Now she is gone and he misses her
He wishes she was in his arms
To ease his pain that is in his heart
He needs her love to help him to live on
On this place called earth
On her death bed he promised
He was never going to love any one but her
Now years have passed and he kept his promised
To his one true love
His promise to her was true and real
He has loved no one but her
When she died his heart and soul went with her
He wishes to be in his lover arms again
Wishing he could hold her close again
Then his time came and she came for him
Before she took his hand she asked a question
Why didn’t you love any one else
It must have been very lonely for you
He replied I could have never loved any one
As much as I loved you
Plus I never wanted to be with any one but you

Comments about My Only Love

excellent..what a beautiful piece of an undying love..the story and the wonderful lines.. His love for her is strong It burns like the sun..Her heart was as big as the earth...a 10..

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