My Only One

You are the one I look forward to everyday
The one who helps light the way
The best memories of my life are of you
The one who helped me start a new

The first day we met is tattooed on my heart
I fell in love right from the start
Sometimes I wonder if these are dreams
This is all too good to be true it seems

Each day and night I feel like I'm in Heaven
I havent this way about anyone
Baby you were sent to me from above
God blessed me with the perfect soul mate and love

You have always been there
The rest of our lives you promised we'd share
Loving you is the best thing thats happened to me
I have never been this happy you see

Every night I close my eyes to find you in my sleep
Out of love and out of happiness sometimes I weep
I need you in my life, like earth needs the sun
I know in my heart that you are my only one

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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