My Only One

I sit on my bed holding one of our love letters
The only one that I have left after what I did
I'm reading it and its making my heart feel better
I'm so sorry though for tht I was just a stupid kid

But sadly my love I'm nothing but a bastard's son
Yet you somehow penetrated this armor that I wear
But I can you with an honest heart your my only one
The reason I wear this armor is that this world isn't fair

I know in my heart and head that I truly only want you
No other girl could ever in a million years take your place
Now the only question to answer is do you want me too
Because my feelings for you can't just be quickly erased

Just know baby girl that I love you more than you know
I just really wanted you to know this little thing about me
This love for you can never be put our but it'll only grow
I've never told you but lately you've been in all my dreams

Some where nightmares others where of things to come
And hopefully those good dreams will one day come true
I know if they do come true than we will have alot of fun
Because I love you so much and I want to be with you

Just know that you hold my fragile heart in your hands
And its your choice about what your going to do with this
Will you break it or heal it would you rather me fall or stand
Well I know how you can answer let us seal it with a kiss

by Patrick Shields

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