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My Opinion
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My Opinion

You might not agree with what I see
You might object to a reasoning or thought
But it is your right to speak and disagree
And to say that you can't; I will not.
As we all have the right to think and believe
As we all have the right to live and breathe.

You might not stand by a judgement
You might say you are right and they are wrong
But then you have a right for your own statement
As in life it is better to live and get along.
Living is so short as we all know and see it
And dying one day, we all try to forget it.

You might not hold onto my conviction
You might believe my sentiment is unjust and wrong
Though my words might bring you only friction
But that is debatable as the night is long.
Views are solid and are unshaken
While evidence is pure and awakened

You might not have faith in my belief
You might object how I enjoy to live my days
What brings joy to others might bring me grief
What bring me sorrow might give you praise.
But then we all sleep when the day is done
And these are not viewpoints, but my opinion.

Randy L. McClave

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