My Other Half

You know that you are my other half,
please don't start crying, please don't you laugh,
I sit here shaking like a new born calf,
just knowing that you are my other half,
you are the part that is honest and good,
the concience that makes me act like I should,
without you I would be much less than I am,
you make me feel like a powerful man,
without you, my life would not mean a thing,
now I look forward to what each day will bring,
someday when the sky is sunny and bright,
you'll understand just how I feel tonight,
sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am blue,
sometimes I am lonely, but I 'm always true,
my love is yours only, the way it must be,
without you my darling there is not any me,
when we are together, there is a smile on my face,
I'll only bring you honor, never disgrace,
my love is given to you with full measure,
I give it to you, you are my treasure,
when you are discouraged, and you're feeling blue,
tell me my darling and I'll be there with you,
just like new hay must have it's own chaff,
remember my love, you're my other half,
with us together, life will be good,
let's put our halves together, I know that we should,
when years have gone by, we'll look back and then,
wish we had our lives, to live all over again,
we found out that two halves, make a whole,
it made us complete and gave us our soul.

by Harry Bryant

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I love it it's great so true so lovely I love the rhyming. It's wonderful