EC (18-07-1983 / Singapore)

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I once liked a girl..
I liked her so much..
I still remember the date..
It was 20th of March..
That fateful day that
I saw your face..
The best thing was,
you were walking my way..
Like a graceful swan,
you glided towards me..
Lost for words,
enchanted by your beauty..
I stood there staring
as time went by..
Suddenly you smiled
& then you said 'hi! '..
Voice of an angel
& what a beautiful smile..
As I started to blush,
I remember thinking 'I must look like a child'...
Then you started to giggle
& said I was cute..
Then I mumbled..
'I think you're cute too'..
Then you looked sadly
into my eyes..
Then you asked me a question..
You asked me... 'Why? '
Suddenly you reached out
& touched my face, ,
As I was bout to reach yours..
I woke up in a blaze..
'Was she just a dream? ? '
I said out loud..
'NO! She must exist..
Without a shadow of a doubt'..
Oh god.. I beg of you..
Allow me to dream of her again..
That beautiful girl of my dream..
My dream girl 'Jane'..

by Eric Camillus

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Is 'Jane' real? I hope she is. This poem touched my heart.