My Own Demon

In my world so full of pain
I sit alone in the pouring rain.
I want so much to feel the sun
to laugh, to play, to have some fun.
But I have a demon inside of my head
from past pain it's grown, it wants me dead.

My demon is silent as the night
It never comes out when my world is bright.
It sits and lurks in the back of my mind
waiting for the hurt of a word unkind.
Then like a ship with a broken mast
I am sent drifting through the pain of my past.

I have been so strong and I have endured.
I even once thought that I had been cured.
Then out of the blue it comes back for me
To swallow me up with my own misery.
It dims my sight and dulls my senses
Pulls down my guard and beats my defenses.

Over, and over, and over some more
I continue this trial, my internal war.
Beaten, broken, bruised and battered
I have lost all that ever mattered.
No one to care, no one left to see
That the demon I fight is really

by Victoria Rhodes

Comments (3)

a nice poem about battling your inner demons, great job! ! ! ! Ryuoh
Very good! Please try my poem, I Envy The Amnesiac, Bob
10. Most definately. o l i v i a m i s e r y