My Own Fable:Badinage

Doomed love affair between the sun and the moon
From "out on a cloud", our sun saw moon pretty
On day through the sky half way:
"You know, I wonder why, said the star of our day,
We haven't met before. Sometimes I get a glimpse of you
when you're very small, aren't you?
But then, when I see you
completely round!
My heart wants for you to jump and bound.
Even, as a crescent,
I could have you
For my breakfast any day! "What A Descent ...
To be eaten by you,
That's crazy!
Please stay in the sky all day,
And then go, so that I don't meet you,
And may feel free to abide on my side,
From eventide,
With lovers through the night
to enchant them with my moonlight."

by Claudette Clerin

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