My Own Friend

When we are happy, sad or ashamed
we need to tell any body about our feeling.
As many people, I do the same
to make myself happy and cheering.
When I need somebody to talk with
I quickly run to my paper and pen.
I immediately write a poem like this
so, I feel so relieved then.
My poem is my closest friend
I tell her about my secrets and hopes.
She is the only one who will stay till the end
she lends me power to be able to cope.
Thanks my dear poem for listening to my heart
I won't forget you, you'll be with me forever.
You are a special thing, you are a piece of art
I won't let you go, never my poem, never! ! .

by Reem Ehab

Comments (3)

you used the metaphor like professionals! ! ! you could wonderfully personify the poem like a friend.....this have to be estimated....and you have to develop the talent in you on your reading poems of different addition, you used the rhyming well.....keep on writing poetess! ! ........and thanks for a wonderful poem.......................omar
what do u think i'll say other than beautiful.
Nice poem.......nice to know your feeling and i think it is all the poets who really love poetry felling........good work.....Merna