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My Own Little Secret
CM (8/13/90 / Brooklyn, NY)

My Own Little Secret

Someone likes you but I cant tell you who
Because of the fact that I like him too
I found out last night
While I spoke to his girl, and tried to fight off my feelings with all my might

He told me he liked you
I told him I knew
Inside I felt like there was nothing I could do
Because I liked him too

I didn’t know who to tell this to
So I chose to tell my best friend, you
The only problem is he likes you
But, I like him too

I’m sorry for being stingy
But I like men for myself
If I like him I want him
And he can’t have anyone else

I know you and I are friends
And that this can’t bring us closer
But we can’t let any man make our friendship end
So I’m going to try and let my liking for him fade
Though I liked him since the 9th grade

I hope you understand
Why I had to let this off my chest
I needed a good and faithful man
And he was my best bet

I have to tell you who
But I really don’t want to
Because he likes you
But I like him too

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