My Own Little World

When I'm all alone in my little world
I can be what I wish to be
I can go anywhere. I can see everything
I can do anything and be me
I can ride on the wings of my favorite bird
I can soar through the clear blue sky
I can go to the moon. I can visit the stars
With no one to see when I cry
I can ride out in space on an alien ship
With no fear that someone is near
I can sit all alone and still be in love
When I cry there is no one to hear
I can be up there in heaven above
With God I can walk hand in hand
I can sing with the angels and be one of them
Forever in God's holy land
I can sing my love songs that are deep in my heart
With no fear they will ever be heard
I can be back in love like I was from the start
Alone in my own little world

by James Francis Taylor

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