My Own Rage

This pain is overwhelming my heart wants to break my mind is going blank. The pain of being the misfit the black sheep they all look down at me they all protect themselfs from me.They always protect her from me always protecting her. Like shes something special my rage took control well i lie in wait in the dark corners of my mind. Red thats all i saw no faces no voices rage took over me. they protect her yet again they protect her from me no from the rage that knows no control. The one whos hate is more potent then all the heavens. many times the rage takes control the rage forces me to see that color the blood red that blinds me. But the kind heart hold back the hate forcing them back fighting for control its only a matter of time until my rage takes complete control god help me.

by a light in the dark

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I think that that is a little wrong who hurt you haw
being outrage is a part of inner expression, and you had expressed it very well.