SKK (22 January 1989 / Hong Kong)

My Own World

I live in My Own World, people say;
Absent minded into space.
I’ll dance around and smile at all,
Embracing treasures I value.
This world of mine I’d love to share:
Where people meet because they care,
Where what we have, is what we share.
I belong there: where love is.
I believe it’s there...
They go lustful, they go on and cheat;
Individuals, with hateful lovers of deceit...
I witnessed betrayal; well thought lies;
Backstabbing plans in clever disguise...
To see these works, to hear these thoughts,
Pains me, pains me to my soul.
They make you bleed, they make you scream,
They beat you, beat you till you drop.
While this World:
Will turn around,
In evil laughter and watch you die.
A finger rested beneath their chin,
An evil glare, an evil grin:
They call it “ART WORK of great skill”,
Taking pleasure in painful screams.
All selfish wants, and selfish “needs”,
Each man only for himself,
To live a life alone, alone.

I wish it’d change,
I am no saint,
But this is where I draw the line:
Y'all live in your world and I in mine.

by Shirley K.W. Ka

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Taking pleasure in painful screams......... touching lines....showing concern...beautifully expressed