At The Dawn Today

At the dawn today
While counting my heart beats silently
Sitting in the lonely balcony
And looking at the
Glory of the Great Creator passionately
I was watching the soft music of the dewdrops
Falling rhythmically from the drenched
Leaves of the luxuriant trees.
At once listened the hypnotic
Whispers of some body
Which thrilled me for a while in ecstasy
Whose presence in this early hour
Of the day would it be?
May be of that someone
For whom each minute
I am dieing
Imaginary face of a well known
Stranger appeared gradually
In my mind
And pre-occupied me completely
All through the day.

by Ratnakar Rout

Comments (4)

I love this poem so much. Please write more
I can feel my ownself being associated with it.
it's a great poem! ! i can relate! ! ! i feel that you described my world and the maddness we go through as human beings!
I LOVE IT! wow that was a very powerful poem. Lylyanna