My Pain

I tread down this path my compus pointing me in a direction, i myelf hope that it is the right path. for i have suffered through this confusion. this fog so thick i can hardly breath as i watch the fog scenes begin to play, the many faces that i see are blured as blured as my path yet they all seem important to me but i dont know why. As i walk forward i feel saddness erupt in my chest. anger and hate but i cannot put the blame to these emotions. i begin to run i want to ecscape the memories to escape pain. but it clings to me as if it is my burden. maybe it is mine i wounder will i ever escape the pain

by a light in the dark

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that fog of pain it can become blue skies what a great poem thanks for sharing
that fog that shrouds your path can be dispelled. you simply need a breath of fresh air to banish it. i know speaking in metaphors makes things difficult to understand sometimes...thats the poet in me. but i suppose what i mean is that you need something different in your life to make it have more meaning. something that brings you to life inside. try looking into making music or art or working with animals or children things like that. helping other people really helps bring meaning into your life as well
running may seem like the right choice but running from your problems are never the answer. face up to them and put them down, talk about and maybe your confusion will clear up. someone who will listen, someone to share the pain with is all anyone really needs. great peice btw. May